The audio files listed below were part of the "Cocoa-Karadar" project from the University of Trento, Italy. This project consisted on a great amount of completely free music to listen and download. As far as I know, this project exists no longer but I downloaded a big deal of files at the time (some 10 to 15 years ago now – 2015). In case I have posted, by mistake, some files for which I need a special authorization, please contact me so that I remove them from the site (

Nearly all the audio files were originally recorded between the A=440Hz. and the A=445Hz tuning. Subsequently, the audios have been converted to the natural tuning A=432 Hz. with the free Audio Editor Software Audacity.


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 Ludwig van Beethoven

 Symphony No.1 in C major Op.21  Piano Sonata No.1
 Symphony No.2 in D major Op.36   Piano Sonata No.2
 Symphony No.3 in E-flat major Op.55 'Heroic'  Piano Sonata No.3
 Symphony No.4 in B-flat major Op.60  Piano Sonata No. 4 'Great Sonata'
 Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67  Piano Sonata No.6
 Symphony No.6 in F major Op.68 'Pastoral'  Piano Sonata No.8 'Pathétique'
 Symphony No.7 in A major Op.92  Piano Sonata No.9
 Symphony No.8 in F major Op.93  Piano Sonata No.10
 Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125 'Choral'  Piano Sonata No.11
 Piano Concerto No.1  Piano Sonata No.12
 Piano Concerto No.2  Piano Sonata No.14 'Moonlight'
 Piano Concerto No.3  Piano Sonata No.15 'Pastoral'
 Piano Concerto No.4  Piano Sonata No.16
 Piano Concerto No.5 'Emperor'  Piano Sonata No.17 'Storm'
 12 Variations on 'The Magic Flute'  Piano Sonata No.20
 Sonata No. 1 for Cello and Piano  Fidelio: Leonore and Florestan
 Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano  Piano Sonata No.21 'Waldstein'
 Sonata No.3 for Cello and Piano  Piano Sonata No.22
 Sonata No.4 for Cello and Piano  Piano Sonata No.24
 Sonata No.5 for Cello and Piano  Piano Sonata No.25
 Fidelio Act I  Piano Sonata No.27
 Fidelio Act II  Piano Sonata No.28
 For Elise – Bagatelle in A minor  Piano Sonata No.29
 Overture 'Leonore No.3'  Piano Sonata No.30
 Missa Solemnis in D Mayor  Piano Sonata No.31
 'Ode to Joy' – Final 9th. Symphony  Piano Sonata No.32
 Great Fugue for String Quartet  String Quartet No.1
 Trio Piano Clarinet Cello Op.11  String Quartet No.2
 Violin Sonata No.1  String Quartet No.3
 Violin Sonata No.2  String Quartet No.4
 Violin Sonata No.3  String Quartet No.5
 Violin Sonata No.4  String Quartet No.6
 Violin Sonata No.5  String Quartet No.7
 Violin Sonata No.6  String Quartet No.8
 Violin Sonata No.7  String Quartet No.9
 Violin Sonata No.8  String Quartet No.10 'Harp'
 Violin Sonata No.9  String Quartet No.12
 Violin Sonata No.10  String Quartet No.13
 String Quartet in C major  String Quartet No.15
   String Quartet No.16


Richard Wagner

 The Flying Dutchman Act 1  Tanhauser Act 1
 The Flying Dutchman Act 2  Tanhauser Act 2
 The Flying Dutchman Act 3  Tanhauser Act 3
 The Twilight of the Gods Prelude and Act 1  Tristan and Isolde Act 1
 The Twilight of the Gods Act 2  Tristan and Isolde Act 2
 The Twilight of the Gods Act 3  Tristan and Isolde Act 3
 Lohengrin Act 1  The Walkyrie Act 1
 Lohengrin Act 2  The Walkyrie Act 2
 Lohengrin Act 3  The Walkyrie Act 3
 The Mastersingers of Nurenberg Act1  The Rhinegold
 The Mastersingers of Nurenberg Act 2  Good Friday Music
 The MAstersingers of Nurenberg Act 3  Siegfried's Idyll
 Parsifal Act 1  Siegfried Act 1
 Parsifal Act 2  Siegfried Act 2
 Parsifal Act 3  Siegfried Act 3 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Magic Flute Act I  Symphony No.14
 The Magic Flute Act II  Symphony No.15
 Bassoon Concerto KV.191  Symphony No.16
 Clarinet Concerto  Symphony No.17
 Concerto for Two Pianos and Orquestra  Symphony No.18
 'Der Vogelfaenger' (Papageno)  Symphony No.19
 Bassoon Concerto in B-flat KV.424  Symphony No.20
 Duo for Violin and Viola  Symphony No.21
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Serenade  Symphony No.22
 Papageno – Papagena  Symphony No.23
Piano Concerto No.21  Symphony No.24
 Piano Concerto No.20  Symphony No.24
 Piano Concerto No.23  Symphony No.25
 String Quartet No.20  Symphony No.26
 String Quartet 'Dissonant'  Symphony No.27
 String Quartet 'The Hunt'  Symphony No.28
 String Quartet No.16  Symphony No.29
 Symphony No.1  Symphony No.31
 Symphony No.2  Symphony No.32
 Symphony No.4  Symphony No.33
 Symphony No.5  Symphony No.34
 Symphony No.6  Symphony No.35
 Symphony No.7  Symphony No.36 'Linz'
 Symphony No.8  Symphony No.38 'Prague'
 Symphony No.9  Symphony No.40
 Symphony No.10  Violin Concerto No.1
 Symphony No.12  Violín Concerto No.2
 Symphony No.13 Violín Concerto No.5


Johann Sebastian Bach

 Boureé for Lute  Bach-Gounod Ave Maria
Brandenburg Concerti 1 – 6  Largo-Airoso in G minor
 Cello Suite No.1  Prelude
 Cello Suite No.3  Toccata in D minor
Concerto for Violín and Oboe  Violin Concerto BWV.1042
St. Matthew Passion – Part 1  Concerto for two Violins
St. Matthew Passion – Part 2  Magnificat in D major BWV 243


Georg Friedrich Haendel

 Concerto Grosso No.1 in G major  Concerto Grosso No.11 in A major
 Concerto Grosso No.2 in F major  Concerto Grosso No.12 in B minor
 Concerto Grosso No.4 in A minor  Violin Sonata No.13
 Concerto Grosso No.5 in D major  Violin sonata No.15
 Concerto Grosso No.7 in B-flat major  Water Music
 Concerto Grosso No.8 in C minor  Hallelujah
 Concerto Grosso No.9 in F major  Ode to Queen Anne
 Concerto Grosso No.10 in D minor  Ombra mai fu


Franz Schubert

 6 Moments Musicaux for Piano  String Quartet No.6
 Quintet 'The Trout'  String Quartet No.8
 Violin Sonata D.408 N.7 'Sonatina'  String Quartet No.11 'Quartettsatz'
 Ave Maria  String Quartet No.13 'Rosamunde'
 Die Shoene Muellerin  String Quartet No.14 'Death and the Maiden'
 Impromptus D.899  Symphony No.1
 Impromptus D.935 No.1  Symphony No.2
 Impromptus D.935 No.2  Symphony No.3
 Octet in F major D.803  Symphony No.5
'Alfonso y Estrella' – Overture  Symphony No.6
 Overture in E minor for Orquestra D.648  Symphony N.8 'Unfinished'
 Piano Trio No. 1  Symphony No.9 'Great'


Frédéric Chopin

 Piano Concerto No.1  Marcia Funebre from the Piano Sonata No.2
 Piano Concerto No.2  Prelude in E minor Op.28 No,4
 Polonaise No.1 Op.26 Polonaise Op.53 'Heroic'
Polonaise No.2 Op.26 Polonaise-Phantasy Op.61
Polonaise No.1 Op.40 'Military' Andante Spianato Op.22
Polonaise N.2 Op.40 Great Polonaise Brillante Op.22
Polonaise Op.44 Balade No.1 Op.23
Piano Sonata No.2 Piano Sonata No.3


Joseph Haydn

 String Quartet No.1  String Quartet No.67
 String Quartet No.23  String Quartet No.68
 String Quartet No.28  Cello Concerto No. 2
 String Quartet No.30  Symphony Concertante
 String Quartet No.38  Symphony No.48
 String Quartet No.42  Symphony No.49
 String Quartet No.44  Symphony No.83
 String Quartet No.45  Symphony No.88
 String Quartet No.47  Symphony No.92
 String Quartet No.50  Symphony No.94
 String Quartet No.51  Symphony No.96
 String Quartet No.52  Symphony No.97
 String Quartet No.54  Symphony No.98
 String Quartet No.58  Symphony No.99
 String Quartet No.59  Symphony No.101
 String Quartet No.63  Symphony No.104
String Quartet No.66  The Creation – Highlights


Franz Liszt

 Ave Maria  Dreams of Love – Liebesträume
 Hungarian Rapsody No.2 in C sharp minor  Les Préludes


Georg Philipp Telemann

 6 Methodical Sonatas  Flute and Harpsichord Sonata in E minor
 Christ lag in Todesbanden  Sonata for two Violins
 Concert Suite in D for Viola da Gamba  Trumpet Concerto in D major
 French Horn Concerto in D major  Viola Concerto in G major


Robert Schumann

 Abendlied  Symphony No.1
 Cello concerto in A minor Op.129  Symphony No.2
 Piano Concerto in A minor Op.54  Symphony No.3
 Quintet  Violin Concerto in D minor
 Traumerei Manfred Overture


Johannes Brahms

Lullaby String Quartet No.1
  Symphony No.1 String Quartet No.2
 Symphony No.2 String Quartet No.3
  Symphony No.3  Sonata for Violín and Piano No.3
 Symphony No.4 Clarinet Quintet Op.115
 Sonata for Clarinet (performed on a Violin) and Piano No.1  


Antonio Vivaldi

 The Four Seasons – Spring  Gloria
 The Four Seasons – Summer  Magnificat
 The Four Seasons – Autumn  Stabat Mater
 The Four Seasons – Winter Violín Sonata in A major
 O Qui Coeli Terraeque Serenitas  


Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

 Overture 1812  Symphony No.2
Manfred Symphony  Symphony No.3
 Piano Concerto No.1  Symphony No.4
Romeo and Juliet – Overture  Symphony No.5
 Swansea – Final Scene  Waltz Op.40 No.9
 Swansea – Waltz Violín Concerto in D major
Swansea – Scene  Waltz of the Flowers
Italian Capriccio Piano Trio Op.50
Rococo Variations for Cello and Orquestra Sacred Hymns
Slavonic March Waltz from 'The Sleeping Beauty'
Overture-Fantasy 'The Storm' Vespers Op. 52


Giuseppe Verdi

'Aida' – Triumphal March  Requiem
 'Va Pensiero' from 'Nabucco'  'Rigoletto'
 'Aida''  'La donna è mobile' from 'Rigoletto'
 'Don Carlo'  'Nabucco'


Anton Bruckner

 Ave Maria  Symphony No.5
 Maundy Thursday Mass  Symphony No.6
 Symphony No.1  Symphony No.7
 Symphony No.2  Symphony No.8 'Apocaliptic'
 Symphony No.3 'Wagner'  Symphony No.9
 Symphony No.4  Symphony in D minor


Felix Mendelssohn

'Elijah' Oratorio Op.70 – Part 1  Hebrides Overture
'Elijah' Oratorio Op.70 – Part 2  Verleih uns Frieden
 Symphony No.5 Violín Concerto in D minor
 Symphony No.3 'Scottish'  Bridal March
 Symphony No.4 'Italian'   Summer Night's Dream


Other Composers

 Albinoni – Adagio  Giacomo Carissimi – History of Jephte – Oratorio
 Albinoni – String Sonata  Gluck – Ifigenie in Aulide – Overture
 Arcangelo Corelli – Baroque Music Gregorian Chant – One Hour Selection
Antonio de Cabezón 1510-1566 – Liturgical Music (Organ)  Hummel – Piano Quartet in D major
Carl Friedrich Abel – Symphony  Hummel – Quintet for Piano and Strings in E-flat minor
Cherubini – Requiem Hummel – Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in E-flat major
 Claude Debussy – Moonlight  Music by Michael Altenburg
 François Couperin – Barroque Harpsichord Claudio Monteverdi – Madrigals
François Couperin – Flute Music  Claudio Monteverdi – Selection
Dietrich Buxtehude – Chamber Sonatas Claudio Monteverdi – Vespro della Beata Vergine
 Dmitry Bortniansky – Liturgical Choral Music Claudio Monteverdi – L'Orfeo
 Dvorak – Symphony No.9, 'New World Symphony'  Music by Orlando di Lasso
 Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt – Morning Mood  Orthodox Liturgical Chant – Selection
 Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt – In the Hall of the Mointain King  Pachelbel – Canon in D major
 Edvard Grieg – Piano Concerto in A minor  Henry Purcell – Yorkshire Feast
 Gabriel Fauré – Requiem  Camille Saint-Säens – The Swan
 Fux – Baroque Trumpet  Johann Strauss – Blue Danube
 Gluck – Orfeo and Euridice – Act 1  Johann Strauss – Treasure Waltz
 Gluck – Orfeo and Euridice – Act 2  Johann Strauss – Voices from Spring
 Gluck – Orfeo and Euridice – Act 3  Tomás Luis de Victoria – O Magnum Mysterium
Luigi Boccherini – Violoncello Concerto No.9