On this Page you will find some Books to Download for Free. There are thousands of free downloadable Books on the Internet… but here we will post only some that we consider worthwhile reading…

We will gradually add new titles to the list.

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Title Author
 Beethoven  Richard Wagner
 Light on the Path  Mabel Collins
 Through the Gates of Gold  Mabel Collins
 The Divine Comedy  Dante Alighieri
 The Dwellings of the Philosophers  Fulcanelli
 The Mystery of the Cathedrals  Fulcanelli
 The Gospel of Thomas  Apostle Thomas
 Loves Labours Lost  William Shakespeare
 The Pistis Sophia  Jesus The Christ
 Tao Te King  Lao Tse
 The Comte de Gabalis  Abbé N. Montfaucon de Villars
 The Man who Counted  Malba Tahan
 The Voice of Silence  H. P. Blavatsky
 The White Brother  Michael Juste
 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  L. Frank Baum
 The Arabian Nights  Andrew Lang
 The Art of War  Sun Tzu
 The Bible  King James Version
 The Count of Monte Cristo  Alexandre Dumas
 The Legends of King Arthur  James Knowles
 Zanoni  Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton